2017 Restaurants By Area 



Anju Restaurant - Poutine for your Seoul

Blanco Cantina -  Blanco Poutine Burrito; Shaved skirt steak, cheese curds, spicy Mexican gravy, house cut fries, coriander scented onions served with one of our sides (Dirty Rice, Guacamole, Corn Bread, Fries, Refritos, Corn Salad, Coleslaw, House Salad) $16

Clive Burger Kennebec fries, Palomino Applewood pulled pork, crispy fried onions, Bourbon bbque sauce, Monterey jack, demi $13

Heaven Artisan GF Cuisine Yucas and potatoes mixed with mexican chorizo, bacon, green onions $12

Market - Carbonara Poutine; Black pepper bechamel, peas, pancetta, curds, pea tendrils, parmesan and sous vide eggs.$17

Ship & Anchor Pub - Le Meaty Mediterranean Poutine; saffron fries topped with 6oz grilled sirloin, crumbled falafel, grilled pineapple, fresh mint, baba ganoush, sweet garlic sauce, feta, cheese curds and gravy $11.95

RooseveltKorean Beef, fried egg, gochujang gravy, mozzarella cheese curds, house cut fries $14

Mill St Brewery Donair Poutine; house-made donair meat, crispy russet french fries with hop salt, cheese curds, house made gravy with 100th meridian beer, sweet donair sauce, topped with diced tomatoes and red onion


Universe RestaurantA mountain of fresh cut fries, garnished with Quebec's famous cheese curds, topped with our homemade gravy. Topped with chopped authentic smoked meat along with a fried pickle. 

National 17th

Trolley 5Tots & Hops Poutine; house-made Kennebec Tater Tot with Conductor Lager beer battered cheese curds and gravy made from scratch peppercorn demi glace sauce, hops and seasoning $10

Home and AwayH&A Cheese Steak Poutine; slow braised Heritage Angus beef brisket, chili spiked red wine demi, white cheddar fondue, cheese curds, grainy dijon aioli, Broxburn bell peppers, fried pickled red onion and home cut Kennebec fries. $14.50

722 World Bier Haus

Matt Davidson goes in-depth on what takes place inside his poutine cuisine mashup. Follow along at: http://CalgaryPoutine.com @CalgaryPoutine Thanks to: Manuel Avalos Steve Chin Karen Richards Blanco Cantina - http://blancocantina.ca/


Wurst -  

Aida's Bistro -  The Habibi; Fried potato cubes topped with a warm tahini dressing and shredded Halloum cheese, sprinkles with fresh parsley. $7.50

Mission - Mission Lobster Poutine; garlic poached lobster, cheese curds, anise gravy, house cut fries, soft poached egg $19


Bank and BaronReuban Poutine; pastrami, smoked bacon and beer sauerkraut, house made sweet relish, spiced gravy, cheese curds, Russian dressing and grainy dijon.

Goro + GunHamamatsu Unagi Poutine; unagi, potato tots, onsen, egg, kabayaki sauce, cheese curds, green onion, nori $10

Paper StThe Wurst Poutine;  shoestring fries, bratwurst, mustard gravy, Quebec cheese curds and fancy curry sauce. $13

National 8th - 


Bookers BBQ and Crab Shack

Briggs Kitchen and Bar - Newf's Poutine chunks of lobster and lobster cream. $19. 

Yellow Door Bistro - Lamb Merguez sausage, gravy, cheese curds, polenta fries $12

Fine Diner - Maple Bacon Poutine

National 10th


Pig and Duke Pub - Chipotle BBQ pulled pork, bacon, green peppercorns, curds, Pig Sauce, fried egg on steak cut fries with green onions. $13

one18empireDuck Poutine; warm, fresh fries topped with green onions, crisp chicken skin, heaping pile of cheese curds, duck confit, and a drizzle of orange basil marmalade. $17

Ceilis DowntownCurry Wurst Poutine: curry gravy, special sauce, bratwurst, Quebec cheese curds  $12.95

Delta DowntownBreakfast Anytime Poutine; Kennebec fries + duck fat, Valbella country style bacon, red wine demi glaze, Vital Green Farms organic curds, truffle cheese and cage free poached egg. $12

Veg in YYCSamosa Poutine; samosa with house-made masala chickpeas and coconut based "Vegan Butter Chicken Sauce". Garnished with house-made Tamarind

Brewsters Beer Revolution - Cheesy Tater Tot Poutine; crispy tater tots with bacon cheese sauce, smoked gouda, bacon marmalade and Oilberta stout beer bbq sauce. $12.99


Broken City

Last Best Brewing - Stout Braised Oxtail Poutine- sylvan star cheese curds, smoked bone beef gravy, chives. 

Family Fry Guy Food TruckGourmet pub chips covered with authentic squeaky cheese curds, fresh cooked chunky pulled beef all smothered in our special beef gravy.  $10 small $14 large

The Guild - 1. Maple Brisket Poutine; maple-glazed Beretta Farms beef brisket, fries, cheese curds, chicken gravy, fermented chili mayo, crunchy stuff $18

2. Chili-glazed Pork Belly Poutine; chili caramel, fries, cheese curds, tomato, cashews, fresh herbs $18

3. Onion Bhaji Poutine; coconut curry sauce, fries, cheese curds, onion chickpea fritter, pickled onion, coconut sour cream $18

4. Smoked Duck Kimchi Poutine; smoked roast duck breast, fries, cheese curds, maple gochujang sauce, crispy chicken skin, housemade kimchi $18

5. The Frenchie; Quebec-style poutine, pulled roast chicken, fries, cheese curds, green peas, bacon, chicken gravy $18

6. Le Classic Poutine; fries, cheese curds, chicken gravy, crunchy stuff $18


Brasserie KensingtonOyster & Dandy Stout Poutine-- oyster and stout gravy, fried oysters, alberta cheese curds. $15

Modern Steak - 1. Dry Aged Short Rib Poutine; dry aged benchmark short rib, cheese curds, pickled shimiji mushroom, caramelized onion $17

2. Lobster poutine; Canadian lobster, roasted red peppers, lobster bisque $22

3. “Chili” Cheese poutine $17

Oak Tree Tavern -  Pizza sauce, Boccocinni, Canadian bacon, sauted mushrooms, Parmesan cheese and Fresh sage $11

Wine Bar Kensington - Sweet Potato and Lamb Poutine; roasted sweet potatoes, cheese curds and lamb gravy with pickled fennel and lamb rillette. $15

Midtown CafePhilly Cheese Steak Poutine; oven roasted beef, sautéed onions, marinated chilies, cheddar cheese curds, beef demi glaze, horseradish aioli, mustard micro greens

 Kensington Pub - KP Yolo Fries; we mix a double smoked cheddar and Whistler Black Tusk Ale into a smoky, rich cheese gravy smothered over crispy fries with slow cooked smoked ham hock thrown in for extra flavour. Served with housemade horseradish aioli. $17

Tenth Street Landing PubTenderloin Poutine; tenderloin beef, fries, deep rich gravy and cheese curds on fried bread $9.95


Diner Deluxe Aspen Landing - Duck Confit Poutine; smoked cheese curds, sunny side egg and grainy mustard demi glace $18

Dragon’s Lair Burger in Westbrook Mall - Pad Thai Poutine; french fries and cheese curds, smothered in Pad Thai Sauce topped with, bean sprouts, cilantro and a slice of lime on the side.  $8.50 Regular Size, $12.95 share size.

Ukraininian Poutine; deep fried cheese and potato Perogies topped with Ukrainian Sausage, grilled onions, cheese curds and a cheesy poutine sauce, topped with sour cream and green onions. $8.50 Regular Size, $12.95 share size.

Spot On  - Chicken and Waffle Poutine; hand cut kennebec fries, Quebec cheese curds topped off with bacon gravy, boneless fried chicken bites, waffle chunks & maple syrup. $15

National Westhills

Off Macleod Trail south

Trap and GillDonair Poutine; kennnebec fries covered in made-in-house donair meat, cheese curds, gravy, topped with tomatoes and onions served with a side of our famous donair sauce! $14.

Tango Bistro Wild mushrooms, green peppercorn demi, cheese curds $10

Cured Deli in Haysboro  - Cured Poutine Smoked French fries and smoked curds smothered in our house made sausage gravy.

Carriage House InnFrench fries topped with loads of  house-made gravy and local cheese curds. $6 Add chicken or beer $3. Available at Peanuts Public House, Dudley`s Gaming Lounge and THE Restaurant.

Blackfoot Hotel - Alberta Rockies Breakfast Poutine; hand cut fries, savory chicken sauce, curds, wild boar bacon lardons, poached duck egg, hollandaise sauce $16

South 42 Restaurant, Holiday Inn - Double BBQ Pork Poutine; our house-made Carolina-style pulled pork &  ¼ rack of BBQ ribs all on top of our signature poutine (crispy french fries, cheese curds, smothered in our signature gravy). $16

Big T's BBQPulled Pork Poutine or brisket with house made gravy using brisket burnt ends


Waffle & Chix, Crossroads MarketSFC Poutine-Loaded; fresh cut yellow flesh fries, cheese curds, Southern Fried chicken, smoked bacon, smothered in white country gravy, topped with a fried egg. Every Fri, Sat and Sun from 9 am until 5 pm

Naina’s Kitchen - Chicken Enchilada Poutine; local Hutterite russet potatoes and jalapeños cheese curds smothered in a rich enchilada sauce. Topped with spiced shredded chicken, tomatoes, roasted corn, and jalapeños. Half Order $9
Full Order $17.50


Jane Bond Grill The Dirty South" Poutine; pulled pork poutine riddled with diced pickle, our house made "beans n corn", smoked gouda and cheese curds, then drizzled with our beloved Smokey pig gravy and house bbq sauce. This bad boy is then finished with a nest of creamy sesame slaw, topped with a piece of fried Alligator! $15

Big T's BBQ Deer RidgePulled Pork Poutine or brisket with house made gravy using brisket burnt ends


Alberta King of Subs  - Butter Chicken Poutine; fresh hand cut fries, roasted chicken, authentic butter chicken gravy, Quebec cheese curds, sprinkled with fresh red onions, cilantro and jalapeno peppers (optional). $9.95 Medium $11.95 Large. 

Diner Deluxe Edmonton Trail - Seared Alberta beef striploin, cheese curds, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, arugula, sunny side egg & herb gravy $18

The 4th Spot  - Poutine With A Chance of Meatballs; hand cut kennebec fries, Quebec cheese curds topped off with Sunday gravy, Meatballs, parmesan cheese & fresh Basil. $15

The Kitchen Block  - Block Beef Brisket Poutine; sous vide Alberta beef brisket, aged white cheddar, beef gravy, fresh green onion $14

Bowness Pub - Braised Pork & Maple Bacon Poutine; double fried house made thick cut fries topped with braised pork, maple bacon and mozzarella cheese. Baked and then smothered with our very own house specialty beef gravy. $13

Big T's BBQ McMahonPulled Pork Poutine or brisket with house made gravy using brisket burnt ends