Welcome to the Gravy Bowl 

To kickoff Poutine Week we are bringin' it with the second annual Gravy Bowl competition. Teams made up a Chef + a Calgary Stampeder and a + Local Brewery  create poutines and go head to head throughout Poutine Week to sell the most poutines for Mealshare. Stay tuned for each team's poutine entry and follow the smacktalk on social! 

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Team #1 anju boiling oar

Roy Oh, Owner and Chef, Anju Restaurant

Quinn Smith  #68 Offensive Lineman

Boiling Oar Brewery

 Poutine for your Seoul


Team #2 dandy brasserie

Cam Dobranski Chef/Owner, Brasserie and Kensington Wine Bar

Charlie Power #46 Running Back

Dandy Brewing Company


Team #3 modern Wild rose

Dustin Schafer, Chef, Modern Steak 

Rene Parades #30 Kicker

Wild Rose Brewery


Team #4 half hitch beltiner

Alex Burgess,  Chef, Beltliner

DeVone Claybrooks, Coach

Half Hitch Brewery


Team #5 Last Best market

Evan Robertson, Chef, Market

Rob Cote #26 Running Back

Last Best Brewery


Team #6 bookers common crown

Keven Tsang, Chef, Bookers

Alex Singleton, #49 Middle Linebacker 

Common Crown Brewery


Team #7 village wurst

Rudy Stein, Chef, Wurst

Adam Thibault, #2 Defensive Back 

Village Brewery


Winners of the 2016 Gravy Bowl 

On Saturday, April 16 the seven Gravy Bowl teams went head to head in an epic battle at Anju Restaurant. The judges deliberated and chose the winner Briggs Kitchen and Bar Newf's Lobster Poutine! 

At the end of Poutine Week the winner of the most poutines sold by a Gravy Bowl team goes to Wurst for selling 259 poutines! 

Congratulations to all the teams for a fantastic Gravy Bowl competition.